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Wurlitzer Reeds
Brand new accurate reproduction reeds for Model 200, 200A, 206, 206A, etc.


Chrome Wurlitzer Legs
New Chrome legs for your Wurlitzer. We'd call them reproduction legs, but they are far better then the originals.


Wooden Wurlitzer Legs
For the musician on a budget, our low cost alternative Wurli legs.


Wurlitzer Leg Mounts
Replacement leg mounts for missing or broken flanges. Flanges mount in the original holes and accept vintage legs, or either of our replacement legs.


Wurlitzer Pedal
Built in the same form and shape as the wooden original, our all metal creation won't rot or fall apart and with removable side covers adjustment is a snap.


Large Wurlitzer Logo
This is the Wurlitzer logo which attaches to the back of Wurlitzer 200 series pianos. The colours are silver and black although it has a gold tint in the photo.


Wurlitzer Faceplate
Wish to revive the look of your old 200 series Wurlitzer? Our replacement faceplate will make it look like new


Wurlitzer Control Knobs
While not the original style these knobs look good and give you control when the originals have been lost or broken.


Ugly Parts Wurlitzer Pedal
An alternative, open, design. More industrial, but less apt to wander off during your performance.


Wurlitzer Rack
This replacement music rack fits any 200-series Wurlitzer.


Shield for 200 / 206 Models
A faithful reproduction of the original, fits all 200 series pianos.


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